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Best Coin Master Facebook Groups and Communities

Playing Coin Master is really fun, but you know what is even more fun? To play with other awesome people from all over the world. Especially when you can trade cards with them or help each other. Maybe you ask yourself now: “But where can I find this kinda community and people?” The answer is: On Facebook!

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Finding the best Coin Master FB Group

If you are searching for “Coin Master spins” on Facebook you will see so many pages and groups, but which one is really helpful? Some of them are private and others are public. Some of them get spammed to death and others are very strict. A few of them even have a hundred thousand people in their group. Is it better when the group has more people or fewer people?

In our opinion, it really depends on the quality of the members. Some people are joining the Coin Master group only to take advantage. They don’t want to help others, they only want to have an advantage by themselves. This is very toxic. Therefore some groups have only a few thousand members, but these members are really nice and helpful. They are a real community.


Don’t accept everyone!

Many people might send you a friend request in order to show up in your friend list in the game. However, it is not really smart to accept everyone every time. You should at least wait a bit and make sure this person is not going to attack your village or raid you a dozen times per day. Also, you should avoid people who never send you any gifts. Once you come across such a person it is best to delete or even block them from Facebook. In this way, they won’t show up on your Coin Master friend list again.

If a person is messaging you before raiding you, you can still save your coins. It is a win-win situation because they will earn coins and you will be able to spend coins before losing them.

You should focus much more on the quality of the people than on the quantity. The friend list on Coin Master is limited. At the moment you can have a maximum of 150 friends. Your goal, like in real life, should be to have the nicest people around you. Ones, which are going to send you gifts every day and which will let you know before attacking you!

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Advantages of Coin Master Facebook Groups

  • Get to know more people who have the interest as you
  • People will help you to collect cards
  • Stay up-to-date about the latest features of the game
  • They are sharing tips and tricks every day
  • A great atmosphere
  • You will get free spins and coins daily
  • Many of them already have experience with the Coin Master hack
  • Learn more about the events
  • Trade rare cards and gold cards in the game


Join the best group for Coin Master

We have found a pretty good Coin Master Facebook group. They are premium group, means you have to send a request before getting accepted. They only accept quality people who are helpful. The admins are also sharing helpful tips, tricks, and videos sometimes! However, the biggest advantage is they are also sharing daily links for rewards!

Join the group now!

So many people are joining the exclusive group every day. Make sure to be quick. We are not sure how many people they are going to allow entering the group. If you have any questions please let us know. We are always looking forward to helping you out! Also, make sure to make use of the daily links in order to get free spins and coins!