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An easy method for free Coin Master spins and coins

Imagine you could earn free items on Coin Master without any effort. Decide by yourself how many free coins and spins you want to receive. No one will ever figure out if you used the Coin Master hack apk. No administrator or moderator will see you got billions of coins and thousands of spins on your iOS- or Android account.

The Coin Master hack tool is the most effective and popular method to get spins and coins in an easy and quick way. While millions of other players worldwide are spending so much real money on the game, you will be the one who will get spins and coins without spending a single cent. It is really easy and everyone can use it!

Maybe you ask yourself why not everyone is using the Coin Master hack 2020, but the answer to this question is really simple. Most gamers don’t even know the Coin Master hack exists. Many others saw the Online Generator before, but they don’t really believe it is working. There are so many videos and screenshots on the internet. Do you really believe they are all fake? Absolutely not. The Coin Master Spins hack is really working and thousands of gamers successfully used it already!

No jailbreak or root required

If you want to successfully use the Coin Master hack apk you don’t need any modification. This is not a Coin Master mod apk, but a legit online generator, which we tested several times and always worked. You don’t need any jailbreak for your iPad or iPhone. Also, you don’t need any root for your Samsung, Huawei, or any other Android device. It is working flawlessly on every device without any mods. This makes the hack for Coin Master the most efficient method. Say goodbye to annoying waiting times!

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Coin Master is Pay To Win

You already know it. If you have a lot of spins on Coin Master everything is going to be easier. You can play without any limits or restrictions. You get better items, you can collect more cards and you can open more chests. You can increase your village level much faster than someone who doesn’t have enough spins. This is called pay to win. You have an advantage over other gamers if you have more spins than them.

The big problem with pay to win in Coin Master is they are getting you addicted to spins. Once you figured out how easy and fast the game is with spins you won’t miss it again. The chance you are going to purchase spins again is extremely high! Don’t fall for it. Use the Coin Master hack instead and get free spins and coins.

What is Pay To Win?

“In some games, players who are willing to pay for special items, downloadable content, or to skip cooldown timers may be able to gain an advantage over those playing for free who might otherwise never be able to access said items. In general a game is considered pay-to-win when a player can gain any gameplay advantage over his or her non-paying peers, which is shown in games such as FIFA. Such games are called “pay-to-win” by critics. Market research indicates that pay-to-win mechanics are considered much more acceptable by players in China than in Western countries, possibly because Chinese players are more habituated to recurring costs associated with gaming, such as gaming café fees.”

Source: Wikipedia

Save money and time

If you think the Coin Master Spins Generator is only about getting unlimited spins and coins you are wrong. Do you know what it is really about? Saving time and money! Usually, you will get 5 spins per hour. There are so many waiting times in the game. Now imagine you could just generate free spins and coins than you would never have to wait again. You would also never have to spend money on spins again. The result is the game is much more fun and you could do whatever you want without any restrictions. The Coin Master hack 2020 is not only helpful but will boost your gaming experience in many different ways!


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Features of the online hack

  • Free spins and coins
  • The online generator gets updated daily
  • No risk of getting banned
  • Easy to use
  • You don’t need to download it
  • No jailbreak or root required
  • No Coin Master mod apk
  • Many other cheats on Bubblapp.com
  • Available in English, French, and Spanish


  • Save a lot of time and money
  • Collect all cards
  • Open as many chests as you want
  • Increase your level faster
  • You will become more competitive
  • No waiting times
  • Use the Coin Master hack as often as you want
  • It works for iOS and Android
  • You can use it on your smartphone, tablet, and PC
  • Access to free coins and spins


  • Maybe you will lose your motivation for the game
  • Don’t talk about the hack to your friends
  • The game becomes very easy


daily coin master links

Daily Links and Rewards

If you don’t want to use the Coin Master Hack you can use links to get rewards. The Coin Master links are being released every single day from official sources. The developer themselves are helping gamers to get more spins and coins. We guess they don’t want you to use cheats or hacks for the game, therefore they provide you with links and rewards.

The best way to make use of the Coin Master rewards is by download the iOS and Android applications.

Coin Master Links App for iOS
Coin Master Links App for Android

We didn’t develop the apps and we are not responsible for the content.

Open the application, press on “daily links” and redeem the rewards. The links are getting updated every day. The application will also send you a notification whenever they are adding new links for Coin Master. It is a great alternative if you don’t want to use the Coin Master hack. However, keep in mind the free spins and coins you will receive through the rewards are just a very small amount.


Facebook Groups

Another great way to collect more cards is by joining Facebook groups. You can connect with many other players who have the same goal as you. There are so many different groups for Coin Master and most of them are not really helpful. However, we found a pretty good, which is exclusive, and not everyone is allowed to join the group.

coin master android hack

Join the Facebook group now!

You will make many new and nice friends, who are also into Coin Master and you can help each other! Besides this, the group is sharing helpful tips, tricks, and videos almost every day! Use the Coin Master hack 2020 and make some friends. It is really nice!

Popular YouTube channels for cheats

We found a few interesting YouTube channels, which will help you to become better at Coin Master. If you don’t want to use the Coin Master hack it is a great way to get more skills in the game. The Coin Master cheats will help you to learn more about the game and collect more cards!


Use the Coin Master Spins Generator

It is up to you whether you are using the Coin Master coins hack or if you just use the links or ordinary cheats for the game. However, we really recommend you to use the online hack because the spins and coins are so important in the game. It only takes three minutes to use the Coin Master hack no survey, but it can change everything! For some players, it is a dream come true!

coin master hack for ios and android
Get unlimited free spins and coins now!

How to use the Coin Master hack tool

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to use the Coin Master hack for free spins and coins.

  1. Open the Coin Master Generator above
  2. Enter your correct email address and choose if you play on iOS or Android
  3. Press on “Connect” to connect to the database of the game
  4. Enter the number of free coins and spins
  5. Press on “Generate”
  6. Follow the instructions
  7. Receive the free Coin Master coins and spins

To protect our users and the hack we implemented a human verification. The reason is to prevent bots and hackers to abuse the Coin Master hack 2020. We are looking forward to implementing another method soon. The survey is absolutely free and easy to do.


No consequences

Are you afraid of getting banned in the game? No worries! You will not receive any ban or suspension. The Coin Master hack has several proxies and encryption methods included, which helps you to stay safe. The Generator will not connect to your account. Nobody will have access to your account. It will only connect to the database of the game and transfer the coins and spins. Nobody will ever know you were using the Coin Master hack apk. Millions of players used it already and we never heard of anyone who faced any kind of consequences!

Description of the game

“Join your Facebook friends and millions of players around the world in attacks, spins and raids to build your viking village to the top!

Do you have what it takes to be the next Coin Master? Can you travel through time and magical lands to battle it out to be the best Pirate, Hippie, King, Warrior or VIKING of them of all!

Spin to earn your loot
Spin the wheel to fall on your fortune, be it attack time, loot, shields or raids. Win your loot by landing on coins or gold sacks so you can build strong villages through the game and move up in levels. Win shields to guard your village from other vikings trying to attack you. Become the Coin Master with the strongest village and the most loot!

Attack and Raid fellow vikings!
Earning coins through the slot machine isn’t the only way to get loot, you can steal it too! Attack or raid friend and foe to save enough loot to build your village. No need to break the piggy bank! Fight back and come out victorious against your enemies. Boom! Take revenge on those who have attacked your village and take whats rightfully yours! Bring your Coin Dozer and get rich again! You never know what treasures you can find in someone else’s village!

Collect all the Cards!
It’s not always about the loot, it’s about the treasure too! Collect cards to complete sets and move on to the next village. With every village you conquer your wins will be greater”

Source: Google Play


“Coin Master is the number one app in the UK and the US for consumer spending, raking in hundreds of millions of dollars.

In fact, it has an estimated daily revenue of US$189,386 (AU$277,488) with users spending an average $9.38 per download. With 81 million downloads, that’s a lot of money.

According to Sensor Tower, that massive market saw the game accumulate more than $733 million in the year to October 2019.”

Source: Yahoo Finance

Download the game

Coin Master
Price: Free+

If you didn’t download the official game yet you can do so. This is not a Coin Master mod apk, but the official game. After you created an account using Facebook you can start to run the Coin Master hack. Keep in mind to close the game completely. It should not run in the background as well. After a few minutes, you should receive all the spins and coins on your iOS or Android account. Have fun!